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Hi there! My name is Darya and I’m over fifty. Come to Nova Gorica, my town, and learn the stories of our lives along the border. My family: father Sergio was Friulian, mother Danica Slovenian, my sister Marinka and I were born in Slovenia. Our family is a “typical product” of the border between former Yugoslavia and Italy:  with grandparents, uncles and aunts on one side and on the other side of the border, the family divided between two countries and two political systems.

One September day in 1947 the young Sergei  was walking once again from Gorizia to Rafut to spend the day with his aunt and grandpa.  He was visiting them  daily because they were old and needed help with everyday chores. But that day he found himself in front of the barbed wire. He secretly passed on the Yugoslav side at the railway station. “Freeze!” he was stopped by Yugoslav border guards … ..

Would you like to know how this story ended? I’ll tell you the rest in Nova Gorica. I will be glad to take you  for a walk along the border, if you wish  we’ll step from one side to the other, visit the museum about the border at the railway station, Kostanjevica and Rafut, the smallest museum in the world on Vrtojbensko field, we’ll visit Miren Cemetery – back then divided between two countries … Welcome! Darja Marega-Mencin

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